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Altima Technologies Releases NetZoomDC™ Powered by Intel® Data Center Manager

Browser based, vendor neutral data center infrastructure management for data centers of any size

Chicago, IL – September 4, 2013 -- Altima Technologies, the maker of popular NetZoomDC™, releases a new browser based version of their NetZoomDC Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software.
NetZoomDC is an enterprise DCIM that provides a consolidated repository of physical layer data center IT and facility information for asset management, structured change management, and analysis through trending, reporting and visualization. Built on the largest device library available, NetZoomDC is a vendor-neutral, scalable solution that helps data centers of all sizes manage space, power and cooling.
"This version of NetZoomDC focuses on providing actionable information for data center managers through the use of real-time data, filters, dashboards, monitoring, alerts, reports and diagrams. With the integration of Intel DCM, we have added real-time power and thermal metrics to NetZoomDC for analysis, historical trending and forecasting," stated Sara Clark, President of Altima Technologies, Inc.
NetZoomDC contains many new features designed to help manage the data center including:
  •   Auto-discovery and monitoring of devices
  • Dashboards for site and location capacity management
  •   Filters for IT and facility conditions
  •   Rack density reporting
  •   Connectivity and cable management
  •   What-If analysis
  •   Real-time power and thermal management
  •   Alert management
  •   Underutilized server identification
  •   Enhanced reporting, trending, and analysis
  •   SDK for third party integration
    NetZoomDC’s capacity management capabilities for analyzing power and heat have been improved with the integration of Intel DCM. "Intel DCM is a power and thermal plug-in for the data center", said Jeff Klaus, General Manager, Data Center Solutions, Intel Corporation. "By integrating Intel DCM with Altima’s NetZoomDC, the combined solution provides an impressive array of analytics and reporting capabilities for data center managers."
    "The real-time power data, 'hot-spot' identification, alerts and customizable dashboards allow data center managers to effectively utilize IT and facility resources and make informed decisions to Model, Manage, Monitor and Maximize their data center capacity directly within NetZoomDC", said Alan Schenwar, General Manager of Altima Technologies, Inc.
    NetZoomDC is immediately available. Visit for more information.
    About Altima Technologies
    Founded in 1995, Altima Technologies, Inc. is an Illinois corporation with headquarters in the Chicago area. Altima has pioneered revolutionary solutions in the area of data center infrastructure management. NetZoom solutions are popular among data centers professionals worldwide to more effectively model, manage, monitor and maximize data centers.
    For more information, visit, email or call 630.281.6464.
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