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Hardware Manufacturer    
Hardware Manufacturer Services Program
Altima Technologies offers proven solutions and services for showcasing your products with the right audience. We specialize in creating and providing equipment shapes and stencils of products from various hardware manufacturers in popular diagramming products like Autodesk AutoCAD and Microsoft Visio used by thousands of network and datacenter professionals.
Altima Technologies has a broad range of customized programs which let hardware manufacturers focus on their core business while providing valuable resources to their customers.
HMPP - Hardware Manufacturers Partnership Program
1. Provide instant visibility of your products for free in front of over a quarter million IT and AV network professionals around the world during critical purchase and planning stages.
  2. The opportunity to include professional grade hardware equipment shapes and stencils of your products in NetZoom, the industry standard solution for professional network and datacenter design, documentation, and management, for no charge.
  3. We create Microsoft Visio stencils and shapes of your hardware products for free.
  4. You can receive exposure within the world's most popular design applications such as Microsoft Visio and Autodesk AutoCAD.
  5. We offer high-quality shapes and stencils of your hardware to network and datacenter professionals.
MCS - Manufacturer Certified Stencils
1. We offer Microsoft Visio stencils of your products so you can place them on your website and receive qualified sales leads
  2. We create professional grade equipment shapes and stencils of your products, which you can offer as a free resource or download on your corporate website to customers and prospects.
  3. We provide you valuable information on prospects interested in your products, giving you instant, qualified leads on people interested in your products.
CSP - Custom Stencils Program
  1. We create accurate, highly detailed, professional-grade equipment shapes and stencils of your products, complete with manufacturer specific images, product views, data and properties
  2. Flexible ownership rights and usage terms for including and distributing stencils of your products in corporate websites, tradeshow materials, technical manuals, product catalogs, CDs, DVDs, and other sales, marketing, and technical collateral.
  3. Tailored partnership solutions that provide ultimate flexibility with fully customized promotional programs to fit your needs and promotional objectives.
  4. Feature shapes and stencils for prospective clients and even create customized stencil libraries of your products and those of preferred vendor partners.
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Hardware Manufacturer Testimonials
“Our customers had long been asking for the capability to easily use our products in Visio, and they are as delighted as we are that these shapes are now available! ... Altima's dedication to the successful development and delivery of our Visio shapes has been exceptional, and we look forward to working with them on additional projects in the future.”
“Visio shapes are an essential aspect of network planning in the data communications market. Anritsu's datacomm test and measurement equipment has better applicability and usefulness to customers because of the Visio shape capabilities that Altima Technologies provides, and that Anritsu relies on.” “Working with Hardware Manufacturer's Partnership Program allows Crossbeam to ensure that our products are represented with the highest quality images available. Altima's team quickly and accurately represents all facets of the product into the needed formats and can handle updates and new products incredibly fast.”
Joseph Cabral, Chatsworth Products Jack Landau, Anritsu Company Mat Mathews, Crossbeam Systems
"Working with Altima we can be assured that our stencils are created with the highest level of detail possible. As our solution portfolio continues to grow we look forward to a long and successful ongoing relationship with Altima."
"Altima’s Hardware Manufacturer Program is a very cost effective way for us to ensure our global VAR partners have access to the highest quality Visio Stencils of our products in a timely manner. We are very pleased with the response our stencils have received from our VAR partners and making their lives easier makes our lives easier. Altima has been accurate and responsive to our model changes." "Our global partners and customers work with Crossbeam to re-architect their network security infrastructure, and in doing so demand accurate and high quality stencils to make sure their designs can be validated, and then implemented correctly. Altima has been a great technology partner for Crossbeam for years, developing accurate stencils for all our chassis and modules. A pleasure to work with."
Jerome Day, Calix Steve Robinson, Xtera Peter Doggart, Crossbeam
"Visio is an indispensable tool for illustrating customer designs. The quality and functionality of the stencils are essential to the usability and appearance of the finished proposals. Altima has been a key partner in development of our stencils. Our wide range of products presents a diverse challenge for stencil development, and regardless of the complexity, Altima have repeatedly proven themselves as more than capable of providing visually and functionally accurate solutions."
"Our customers find working with ONEAC Visio shapes easy to understand and useful in Visio diagrams and PowerPoint presentations. Quality, accuracy, and quick turnaround make Altima Technologies a pleasure to work with." "Altima has offered Brand-Rex a quick and reliable service over several years, producing Visio shapes for our increasing product portfolio. Many of our customers require Visio shapes to allow them to build a network infrastructure quickly. Having a direct link to our download page on Altima’s website allows them to obtain all our shapes quickly."
Dave Valentukonis, The Seimon Company Claire Formilan, PowerVar Robbie Prentice, Brand-Rex
"We used to struggle with customer requests for Visio Stencils for our products, but Altima has made that easy. We simply tell them when we have a new hardware model available, and they have a stencil posted with days for our users to download. They work quickly and do a great job, and it costs less than if we tried to do it ourselves."
DC Palter, Apposite Technologies, Inc.    
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