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Our customers and partners can take advantage of our complimentary subscriber services, manufacturer services, and paid services.
Complimentary Subscriber Services
Online Training
We are excited about the latest release of NetZoom, the most comprehensive version of NetZoom ever available. NetZoom brings to you a new look and many new productivity features. To facilitate the best experience with NetZoom, we are offering a FREE online training session to all NetZoom subscribers. The NetZoom online training program is offered on each Thursday at 10:30am US Central Time. This training session will last for approximately 2 hours. Training is optional, and is not required to use NetZoom. To register for our FREE online training, please click here. If you are interested in classroom training, more information is available here.
NetZoom Device Library Updates
Receive free shape and data updates to the NetZoom Device Library from our web server, by using Smart Update or through media to keep your NetZoom Device Library up-to-date with the latest technologies and products.
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New Shape Requests
If you cannot find a shape in the NetZoom Device Library, request a new shape for free. New shapes are created quickly and included in the NetZoom Device Library for download.
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Software Updates
NetZoom releases regular software updates that include product enhancements. Subscribers receive these updates for free. Software updates are announced through e-mail and on our website.
Technical Support
Contact us for any NetZoom related technical support.
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Shape and Data Correction Requests and Bug Submissions
Correction requests are handled immediately and included as updates to the NetZoom Device Library.
If you encounter issues with our products or have any suggestions for product enhancements, you can submit them directly through the product using the NetZoom Information feature.
Manufacturer Services
Services to Hardware Manufacturers
Hardware manufacturers can maximize the visibility of their products through NetZoom Visio Stencils and increase their customer base.
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Paid Services
Services to Software Manufacturers
Software manufacturers can include NetZoom stencils and shapes as part of their software.
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Classroom Training
Subscribers can take advantage of in-depth, classroom training for NetZoom, with a NetZoom Certified Trainer. Training can be held at either a specified client site or at Altima Technologies corporate headquarters. Classroom Training lasts two days and includes lectures as well as labs.
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