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Altima Technologies Announces the Release of NetZoomDC™ 14.5

The latest release of the popular DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management), NetZoomDC, takes its capacity and power management to the next level

Chicago, IL – April 28, 2016 --

Altima Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise Data Center Infrastructure Management solutions, announces today the availability of its latest software release, NetZoomDC 14.5.

NetZoomDC 14.5 focuses on feature enhancements in the area of capacity management and optimization, providing new analytical capabilities that assess complex capacity factors and transform them into actionable data, helping data center professionals to make decisions faster and with more confidence.

NetZoomDC 14.5 measures inbound and consumed power using smart PDU power readings, wireless RFID power reporting and standard PDU power consumption aggregation. Altima’s partnership with Server Technology® enables power monitoring at the PDU level, creating an advanced solution for integrated power monitoring and having the capability of transmitting critical power data in real time. By including Nameplate, De-rated, Lab, Provisioned and Real-Time power consumption of racks and servers, NetZoomDC provides essential benchmarks to identify how much power can be saved for any given rack or device.

"NetZoomDC 14.5 delivers more visibility into the key metrics of consumed and provisioned power, enabling managers to rectify existing power inefficiencies. Equipped with a centralized capacity monitoring pane, NetZoomDC allows for a holistic understanding of capacity distribution and management." said Alan Schenwar, General Manager of Altima Technologies.

NetZoomDC 14.5 offers enhanced rack, PDU and server capacity optimization capabilities. Real-time information of provisioned and actual power utilization allows customers to achieve a more efficient distribution of power resources in data centers. NetZoomDC identifies underutilized and dormant servers which can be repurposed, virtualized or eliminated to save power.

What is NetZoomDC?

NetZoomDC™ is an Enterprise DCIM application that enables data center professionals to Model, Manage, Monitor and Maximize IT & facility infrastructure assets, while optimizing power, space and cooling.

NetZoomDC empowers users with real-time insight into the management of the Data Center by answering the core questions: “What is in your data center?”, “How is your data center operating?”, “What can be optimized?”, “Where is your data center heading?”.


NetZoomDC includes out-of-box integration with other popular applications including Intel® DCM, Remedy®, ServiceNow®, vSphere®, Hyper-V®, RF Code™ and Server Technology®. An SDK for integration with other applications is also available.


NetZoomDC Enterprise DCIM and NetZoom Pro are immediately available for both On-Premise and Hosted environments. Pricing includes the mobile application, a renewable 12-month subscription, as well as free software updates and device shape requests. For a demonstration or more information, visit or email

About Altima Technologies

Founded in 1995, Altima Technologies, Inc. is an Illinois corporation with headquarters in the Chicago area. Altima Technologies, Inc. delivers innovative data center infrastructure management solutions through its NetZoom applications and services to model, manage, monitor and maximize data center assets, capacity and efficiency. NetZoom applications are already in use by thousands of data centers worldwide. Easy to implement and simple to use, NetZoom applications readily offer productivity to data center professionals.

Altima’s flagship DCIM solution, NetZoomDC is used by leading global companies across all industries including financial, government, health, energy, manufacturing, travel, education, research, and IT.

Altima Technologies, Inc. celebrates over 20 years as a leading provider of data center software solutions.

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