Operations Management and Productivity

Use NetZoom® to improve the operational efficiency and availability by:

  • Providing a single interface for managing the data center
  • Increasing the uptime and availability through active monitoring
  • Reduce MTTR by quickly locating devices and viewing history
  • Proactively manage the data center instead of reactively
  • Improving capacity planning and utilization
  • Improving processes through customizable workflows
  • Using an enterprise view – bridge the gap between IT and facilities
  • Increasing transparency in co-lo environment
  • Managing and controlling on premise and remote environments
  • Reducing maintenance time with built-in features for maintenance and tuning

Single Pane of Glass Data Center Management

NetZoom integrates directly with devices and other installed applications in the data center: CMDBs, hypervisors, cloud compute resources, environmental sensors, RFID systems, Intel DCM and intelligent PDUs.

Use NetZoom for a single pane interface to manage the entire data center, IT and Facilities

  • Monitor devices, their health, software and capacity metrics
  • Monitor and control virtual machines and cloud resources
  • Manage business services and the IT services
  • Perform impact analysis
  • Detect unauthorized IPs and software
Active monitoring of IT and Facility devices
Active monitoring of IT and Facility devices

Monitoring of Devices, Environment and Security

Monitoring critical devices, capacity, environmental conditions and facility security all in real-time

  • Active monitoring of IT and Facility devices
  • Troubleshooting
  • Incident Management
  • Analytics and Dashboards
  • IP camera live streaming and recording

Actionable alerts take users directly to the issue
Alert history

Alerts Management

Using real-time actionable alerts to reduce outages and reduce MTTR

  • Actionable alerts take users directly to the issue
  • Auto-escalation of alerts
  • Alert history

Daily Operational Efficiency

  • Consolidate information from data center applications and devices
  • Discovery of networked devices and software, cloud resources and hypervisors
  • Change Management workflow for quick deployment
  • Calculators & Metrics make complex math easy
  • Tenants, Owners and Management Units to manage access
  • Role-based security
  • Filters to focus attention
  • Trace power and network connectors
  • Customizable Reports, Dashboards and Analytics to know the state of the data center
Role-Based Security Map
Data Connections
Document Management

Reduce Response Time with Centralized Information

Information is key to efficient managing

  • Asset Management – know all assets and where they are located
  • Spares Management – spares available for quick deployment
  • Contract Management – Warranty, Service Contracts and Leases
  • Document Management – keep installation files, user guides, procedures, system drivers
  • Actionable Alerts – navigate directly to affected devices and services
  • Task Management– Focused task management

Increase Personnel Productivity

Some NetZoom productivity enhancements include:

  • Implementation through automation
  • Self-Serve Helpdesk and Knowledgebase
  • Centralized management of assets, information and control
  • Customizable command center
  • Scheduled reports and delivery
  • Service management with auto escalation
  • Built-in application maintenance procedures
Diagnostics reporting

Improve Capacity Planning

  • Change Management process
  • What If Analysis
  • Trends and Forecasts
  • Tech-refresh wizard
  • Placement wizard

Reduce Audit Time

Use NetZoom Mobile Scanner, RFID notification and CMDB integration connector to reduce discrepancies between the data center floor and the system of record.

Diagnostics reporting
Diagnostics reporting

Schedule Routine Tasks and System Maintenance

Maintenance enhancements

  • Maintenance mode
  • Troubleshooting mode
  • Database optimization
  • Backup/restore
  • Application updates
  • Diagnostics reporting
Auto backup


  • Auto escalation
  • Scheduling of routine tasks
  • Auto-delivery of reports
  • Auto backup
  • Auto cleanup

Scheduling routine tasks and reports

NetZoom Improves Operational Efficiency and Reliability in the Data Center

  • Monitoring critical devices, capacity, environmental conditions and facility security in real-time
  • Using real-time actionable alerts to reduce outages and reduce MTTR
  • Using impact analysis to determine affected devices and business services
  • Improve response time with Centralized information
  • Improving capacity planning and reducing time for change
  • Reducing time to complete audits
  • Increasing personnel productivity
  • Scheduling routine tasks and reports