IT Management

NetZoom® provides Data Center Visibility into all physical, virtual and cloud IT assets and software directly from your desk including location, physical and logical relationships, connectivity, asset lifecycle, contracts and soft resources.

NetZoom is a hardware agnostic, scalable solution with extendable property set.

Complete Inventory Lifecycle Management

NetZoom manages the complete Inventory lifecycle starting from Modeling, to Procurement, Receiving inventory and assigning of asset tags, Deployment, Maintenance and Change until Decommission. A complete log is maintained throughout the lifecycle of the asset.

Inventory stores organize available inventory for easy deployment.

Accurate Asset Record

NetZoom helps maintain an accurate System of Record of your IT devices including full asset property details, asset health, location, installation history and maintenance history by providing a centralized repository for information from

  • Popular hypervisors
  • Bi-Directional integration with popular CMDBs
  • Auto-Discovery of IPs and devices
  • RFID locator tags
  • Change Management
  • Mobile Asset Inventory and Audit Reconciliation
  • Other 3rd party applications in the data center

Physical IT Resources

Centralized management of the physical infrastructure by managing

  • Interrelationships of devices – model and track the full configuration of all physical devices to the port to create an exact replica of installed devices
  • Port-to-Port Connectivity and Cabling
  • Remote Access to devices using virtual KVM
  • Ownership by Departments, Management Units and Tenants
  • Related Files and Documents for each resource – Installation notes, service packs, maintenance procedures, contracts

Discover and Manage Virtual Servers and Cloud Infrastructure

Managing virtualization in a data center is essential. Out-of-the-box NetZoom integrates with vSphere and Hyper-V hypervisors and automatically discovers Amazon AWS and Google Cloud instances and allows users to control them.

Use NetZoom to track the CPU, memory and storage performance of each virtual machine, view the applications and manage the virtual instances within a single DCIM application.

Software Management

NetZoom has the ability to catalog all enterprise data center assets including software assets. Users can discover the software on servers, catalog the software, identify unauthorized software deployments, and receive an aggregated software summary.

Impact Analysis and Dependencies

Data center Compute resources directly support the business. Using NetZoom the impact of any IT resource on other resources and the business are clearly shown.