DCIM Risk Management Solution

NetZoom’s design and architecture help identify Alerts and other events in addition to offering insight into impact analysis. NetZoom helps minimize errors, business service impact and outages while assisting in identification of root causes and quick restoration of service.

NetZoom offers features on every aspect to mitigate risk and meet regulatory compliance requirements. NetZoom even allows application redundancy to ensure uninterrupted availability of the application.

Risk Management


Meet compliance regulations by using NetZoom’s

  • Authentication & Role-Based Authorization
  • Security Policies
  • Forensic Logs
  • Notes & Documentation
  • Infrastructure Inventory Collection and Audit
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Warranty, Lease and Service contracts
  • End of Life reports
Role-Based Security Map
Forensic Log
Report of Rack Configuration
Mobile App Scanner Audit RFID

Physical Security

Manage and minimize physical security risks to the data center by using

  • Access Control Sensors
  • IP Cameras
  • Environmental Sensors and Monitoring
  • Asset Tracking and Asset Locating
  • Asset and Cable Labelling
  • Connectivity Navigation
  • Weather Map
Asset and Cable Labelling
Connectivity Navigation
IP camera streaming
Environment RFID on Rack
Search Assets
Weather information Google map

Prevention and Failure Management

Proactive risk management and prevention tools available in NetZoom

  • Identify Open Ports
  • Identify Unauthorized IP Addresses
  • Identify Unauthorized Software
  • Identify Single Points of Failure
  • Power Redundancy Validation and Load Balancing
  • Business Service Dependency Map
  • Monitoring and Alerts Delivery
  • What If Analysis
  • Historical Trends and Forecast
  • When will I run out of capacity?
  • Impact analysis of airflow, CRAC and other devices
  • Switch Connectivity Configuration
  • Identify Failing Hardware using Health Check
  • Change Management using Plan Workflows
  • Real-time Monitoring of CPU, memory and disk utilization with Intel DCM
  • Monitoring of Device Health
  • Business Services Health and Alerts
Open Ports
Trends Racks And Power
Power Trace
What If Analysis
Impact analysis of airflow, CRAC and other devices
 Change Management using Plan Workflows
Periodic backup

Increased Availability and Quicker Restoration of Service

  • Increase availability in the event of Power and Cooling failure by using Power Capping
  • Periodic backups
  • Redundant Application availability
  • Creates multiple stores to manage Spares for quick swapping due to wear and tear

Application Self-Maintenance and Administration

Self-maintenance features keep NetZoom fine-tuned at all times:

  • Database optimizations, re-indexing, periodic backups and Asset and connectivity integrity checks are performed which generate alerts when discrepancies are identified.
  • Read-only mode
  • Exclusive maintenance mode

Alerts & Notification Management

  • Identified Alerts are recorded and delivered via online, Email and SMS
  • Events and incident management
  • Escalation policies define severity, stakeholders and Auto escalation rules
Residual value of Assets
Assets out of warranty

Financial Risk

Reduce the Financial Risk by knowing and managing

  • Warranty alerts
  • Residual value of Assets
  • Value of spare inventory
  • Residual value of Warranty
  • Assets out of warranty
  • EOL Assets