Manage Connectivity and Cables

Visually manage end to end connectivity and cables in NetZoom.

NetZoom Cable Library

NetZoom Cable Library

  • The NetZoom Cable Library comes with many popular cable designs for easy identification. The NetZoom Cable Library offers all types of cables including power, copper, and fiber cables.
  • Users can customize cables for color, length, type and other properties to standardize cable models.

Patch Cords, Structured Cabling, and Network Connectivity

Manage all types of copper and fiber connectivity and their cables. Standardize on cable models, cable information and cable lengths. When a connection is made, NetZoom auto-calculates the cable lengths and assigns the appropriate standard cable length.

Users can Visualize end-to-end device connections as NetZoom maintains the connection status for each port and cable. With NetZoom, users can both Visualize and Navigate the connectivity between different devices including patch panels and switches.

Connectivity Trace

Connectivity Trace

The Visual Connectivity Trace lets users visualize end-to-end connectivity through every patch panel to facilitate network connectivity troubleshooting.


Power Connectivity

Visually Plan, Connect, and Track power connectivity from a device through power devices like Rack PDU, power rail, Remote Power Panel and UPS all the way to main power source.

Use the Visual Power Chain tracing to view the complete power hierarchy including load and capacity at each Power socket to balance power and validate power connectivity.