NetZoom Deployment

Flexible Deployment

Choose your NetZoom Enterprise deployment option:

  • Deploy On Premises
  • Deploy in the public cloud
  • Choose managed Hosting
  • OR choose NetZoom Enterprise SaaS for a SaaS DCIM

NetZoom Basic is available as a SAAS product. Inquire for additional deployment options.

Quick to Deploy

NetZoom can be fully deployed for hundreds of users in less than a day and new users can be added in just few minutes. With the SaaS option users can start using NetZoom in minutes.

Single VM or Multiple Servers

NetZoom is architected for distributed deployment for high availability.

Optionally, NetZoom modules can be installed on multiple servers, a single physical Server or on a single Virtual machine.

Quick to Onboard Existing Staff

NetZoom is developed using standard technologies on popular platforms to suit your existing staff with minimal retraining and onboarding requirements.

Ready to use templates

NetZoom comes prepacked with ready to use, yet customizable Reports, charts, Dashboard and diagramming templates.

Ready reference tutorials

NetZoom comes with ready to use Tutorials to onboard new users quickly.

Support for Popular Browsers

NetZoom can be used with any of the popular Browsers.

Support for Popular Browsers

Out-of-Box Connectors

NetZoom comes with dozens of out-of-box connectors to integration with popular applications such as CMDB, Power Thermal Monitoring, SMS, and Hypervisors.

Available Resources

NetZoom System Requirements

Provides details of all hardware and software requirements for a successful deployment of NetZoom.

NetZoom Installation Guide and Application Configuration

Provides step-by-step instruction to install NetZoom and configure the application.

NetZoom Administrator Guide

A resource for NetZoom Administrator: Provides instructions for configuring modules, features, and out-of-box integration connectors. Information on administration of Users and Roles and ongoing application control, fine-tuning and application maintenance.

NetZoom Implementation guide

A primer to help organize and plan an orderly implementation for a quicker success.

NetZoom Training workbook

A workbook to provide step-by-step lessons to train on important features of NetZoom.

NetZoom User Guide

A comprehensive user guide describing all features

Other Important Resources

Sample Data Center

Experience the major features of NetZoom in a sample data center implementation called LANShark.

Customer Service Portal

A user friendly, customer service portal is available to provide access to a knowledgebase, share wish lists, report issues, ask questions or request product related services such as scheduling online or classroom training, webinars, custom reports or more device models.